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    Mediacom new customer deals?

    Hi Everyone- Just wondering... I used to be able to call Mediacom and say I wanted to cancel or lower my services, and they would end up offering a 'suddenly available deal' lowering my package price for a time. No more. At least last time I tried, they didn't offer anything and now I have BASIC cable and internet. It's not working for us. Especially now that they changed the channels around, we can't even get news!! ('news'...)

    I've heard that if the account is put into a new person's name, they're a 'new customer', and can get the new customer rates which are much lower than what we pay now. Anyone been in this situation? Is it true?
    I'm thinking about satellite, too. Not sure it will save me any, and do I want to deal with the rain cutting the satellite out.... dunno.

    So, anyone know if this would work?

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    I switched from Mediacom to DirecTV and couldn't be happier. The HD channels are clear and crisp. Also, they offer a package with DSL through Centurylink so you get your Internet and TV for a low price. If its a heavy storm and you lose signal, just watch something on the DVR until the signal comes back, I've had it over a year and only ever lost it for a few minutes. The only thing I don't like is you have to read the fine print, and in order to get that lower monthly price
    You must get automatic withdrawal, paperless statements...etc.

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    Great to hear! After a week without Internet or cable we canceled with mediacom today. I called today to get an update on when our service would return only to find out our rate would be increasing next month ( tomorrow) by $50 a month and that they could not restore service until next week. We are so happy to be rid of mediacom and their poor customer service- we actually ate pizza and icecream to celebrate tonight!!!!!
    I guess mediacom has enough business.... They didn't try to negotiate to keep us. They just asked that we return their equipment next week. But, not between 1230-2..... That's their 1.5 hour lunch break!!!!!
    Looking forward to setting up dish next week!

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