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    Primary Election Summary Results 8/14/12

    Race Candidate Party Votes Received
    US Senator-REP Connie Mack REP 3636
    US Senator-REP Dave Weldon REP 846
    US Senator-REP Marielena Stuart REP 388
    US Senator-REP Mike McCalister REP 1090
    US Senator-DEM Bill Nelson DEM 1444
    US Senator-DEM Glenn A. Burkett DEM 660
    Public Defender-Universal Bruce A. Miller NP 5143
    Public Defender-Universal James Owens NP 3108
    State Representative Dist 5-REP Danny Glidewell REP 2545
    State Representative Dist 5-REP Marti Coley REP 3808
    Clerk of Court-Universal Alex Alford NP 3910
    Clerk of Court-Universal Gwyn Thomas NP 2462
    Clerk of Court-Universal Sue A. Thorn NP 2473
    Superintendent of Schools-REP Carlene H. Anderson REP 3368
    Superintendent of Schools-REP Trisha Hutchison REP 3082
    County Commission Dist 1-REP Allen White REP 1101
    County Commission Dist 1-REP Bill Fletcher REP 1334
    County Commission Dist 1-REP Paula Riggs REP 811
    County Commission Dist 1-REP Robert Nelson REP 1033
    County Commission Dist 1-REP William Chapman REP 1808
    County Commission Dist 1-REP William Ritchie REP 302
    County Commission Dist 3-Universal Bill Imfeld NP 5062
    County Commission Dist 3-Universal Rick Roberts NP 3727
    County Commission Dist 5-Universal Cecilia Jones NP 3047
    County Commission Dist 5-Universal Cindy Meadows NP 3199
    County Commission Dist 5-Universal Tim Pauls NP 562
    County Commission Dist 5-Universal Tom Babcock NP 873
    County Commission Dist 5-Universal Will Palmer NP 1466
    Circuit Judge Group 15 Terry Ketchel NP 4343
    Circuit Judge Group 15 Thomas Murphy NP 3904
    School Board Dist 1 Gail Smith NP 5290
    School Board Dist 1 Ronald Voelker NP 1556
    School Board Dist 1 Tim Yandell NP 1979
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    General Election - November 6, 2012 (7 AM - 7 PM)
    Early Voting Period: October 27 - November 3, 2012 (Times TBA)
    Registration Deadline: October 9, 2012 at 5 PM (click here for details)
    Who Can Vote?: Voters in Walton County who are registered before the deadline.
    Where Do I Vote?:Voting Locations
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    For Walton County, Connie Mack came out on top of other Republican candidates in the Republican U.S. Senate Race. Bill Nelson will face him as the Democratic. Bruce A Miller won the Universal Primary in Walton County. Marti Coley beat Danny Glidewell for the State Representative race. Circuit Judge Group 15, Terry Ketchel won in Walton.

    Carlene Anderson beat out Trisha Porter-Hutchinson for the Republican nominee for Walton Superintendent of Schools. She will go on to November. The Republican candidate for Walton Commissioner District 1 is Bill Chapman. Chapman will face the democrat opponent in November. Walton Commissioner District 3 is now Bill Imfeld after that Universal Primary. And Cindy Meadows is the commissioner for Walton District 5 with 35% of the Universal Primary votes. She won over Cecilia Jones who had a very close 33%.

    Alex Alford won the three-way Universal Primary Clerk of Court race with 44% of the vote. And the Walton School Board race ended with Gail Smith getting at least 50% plus 1 vote, meaning there will not be a second vote. Smith won the School Board seat over the two opponents with 60% of the vote.

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    Great! Time to get to work!

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    Voters on Tuesday ousted the only incumbent who sought re-election to the Walton County Commission, which means three new board members will begin representing the county this fall.

    Challenger Cindy Meadows beat incumbent Cecilia Jones by just 152 votes to take back the District 3 seat she held from 2004 to 2008, according to unofficial results.

    Meadows, 58, of Seagrove Beach, took the lead in the universal primary with 34.97 percent of the vote over Jones’ 33.31 percent. She also beat three other challengers, including former District 5 Commissioner Tim Pauls.

    Meadows was the first woman ever elected to the Walton County Commission in 2004. She stepped down in 2008 because of health reasons, and voters picked Jones to fill her seat.

    “It was a tough race and it was a close race,” Meadows said Tuesday night. “I’m glad to regain my seat and I look forward to going to work and finishing up some of the projects we started when I was a commissioner.”

    Meadows will take office in November despite a significant lag in campaign funding. She raised $25,942, about $20,000 less than Jones, who had the largest campaign coffer of all Walton commission candidates.

    On the heels of some recent and prominent controversies, the primary drew 13 candidates for the three County Commission seats.

    Bill Chapman, former services director for the Walton County Sheriff’s Office, defeated five opponents in the primary for the open District 1 seat with 28 percent of the vote. His closest competition came from Bill Fletcher, with just under 21 percent.

    Chapman, 62, of Ponce de Leon, will face Democrat Frank Day in the general election Nov. 6.

    “I’m pleased with the outcome and want to thank all my supporters who helped with the campaign and came out to vote,” Chapman said. “It’s been a long, hot race and I’ve put some miles on my car and burned some gasoline, as I’m sure the other candidates did, too. Now I look forward to taking on the Democratic challenger.”

    Chapman raised $26,160 in campaign funds, the most of the candidates in his race, according to records.

    District 1 Commissioner Scott Brannon announced he would not seek re-election amid controversy over use of his public email account.

    Bill Imfeld, the county’s former finance director, handily beat opponent Rick Roberts for the open District 3 seat, with almost 58 percent of the vote, according to unofficial results.

    Imfeld, 64, of DeFuniak Springs, stepped down from his position in March after nearly 12 years.

    According to the Elections Office, Imfeld raised $14,775 in campaign contributions, about 40 percent more than Roberts, a 40-year-old manager at Clements Antiques in DeFuniak Springs.

    “I’m pleased the voters of Walton County have expressed confidence in me, and look forward to working with them to restore confidence in county government,” Imfeld said after the election Tuesday.

    Current District 3 Commissioner Larry Jones did not seek re-election after serving three terms.

    With the defeat of Cecilia Jones, three out of five commissioners will be new to the board come fall.

    “I think it’s going to be good to get a fresh approach and a new start (at the commission),” Meadows said. “Some things have not been as great as I think they can be. People have a lot of expectations and we’ve got to work really hard to let them know they’ve elected the right people for the job.”

    Supervisor of Elections Bobby Beasley said he was disappointed with Tuesday’s turnout of just under 26 percent of registered voters.

    He said he expects a bigger turnout, hopefully 70 to 80 percent, for the presidential election Nov. 6.

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    A message to ALL Walton County registered voters. Are you going to continue to let less than 26% of us who vote, speak for you and your visions and accomplishments you desire for this county? I chewed out a neighbor who was a registered voter but said she wasn't going to vote on Tuesday. She said she would go vote. The point is, you, as citizens, regardless of party or opinion, are the ones responsible for the election of those who make the decisions that affect all of our lives. Many of you will say, "My vote really doesn't mean anything" and to that I say baloney. I'd say something stronger but it isn't allowed on SoWal. I am definitely with Bobby Beasley and certainly hope that 70 to 80% turn out in November. More importantly, I also hope that all will look at the issues facing our county and nation, analyze them thoroughly and vote their evaluated conclusion. It is a right and privilege that many have died for so that you, the citizen recipient, can enjoy the freedom to vote.
    For those who have fought for it, freedom has a taste the protected will never know.

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    Totally with you Andy.

    On the other hand this is the beach. Believe it or not most people I know are happy and content. They might like to complain every now and then. And they will deny it, but they really don't know or care about what goes on with their tax dollars as long as police and fire departments takes care of them, roads are maintained, and children go to school.

    I am glad that you are wise enough to have some perspective and enjoy our piece of paradise. I know some people here who are always unhappy. They might as well be living on the moon.
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