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    Needed: Reliable, Licensed Roofing Contractor

    We are looking to replace our roof during the off season and we are looking for reliable, licensed, insured roofing contractors. The homeowner's association needs at least a couple of bids for comparison, preferably three, so if anyone can provide recommendations I'd appreciate it.

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    Wayne Andrews, AAA Roofing, Panama City

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    Quote Originally Posted by NotDeadYet View Post
    Wayne Andrews, AAA Roofing, Panama City
    Just FYI, I couldn't find a AAA Roofing. Did find an "A&A Roofing" with Wayne Andrews listed for it so I called them and arranged for a estimate.

    Thanks for the recommendation. When did they do your work?

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    I think it was 2005 - had some minor damage from Ivan that I ignored, but roof was old and Dennis finished it off.
    Wayne did me a metal roof and new decking. A couple of years later it got a small leak around the vent pipe and he came out and fixed it, no charge. Pine needles had built up around the pipe and degraded the sealer. Been fine since.
    He was recommended to me by soappedaler, who found him working in her neighborhood after Ivan and had him fix her roof. He's third generation roofer,family business, very knowledgeable. He's a pro - when he did my metal roof he brought the machine out on a trailer and fabricated the metal panels on the spot.

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    PS - I think AAA is his brother. But it was Wayne I dealt with and recommend.

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    Wayne Andrews, A&A Roofing, is a top-notch roofing contractor. I've used him several times. He does a great job. Not necessarily the cheapest, but I wouldn't mess around with your roof.
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    We are a local roofing contractor Cartercraft Roofing. We have been in business in Walton County over 20 years. Depending on what type of roof it is, we would like to see if we can give you an estimate also. Our office number is 850 271 9199

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