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    Urgent*Help**LOST/MISSING St. Bernard, SRB, SugarDr to 30A, Could be anywhere between

    Urgent*Help**LOST/MISSING St. Bernard, SantaRosaBeach, FL (SRB, Sugar Dr to woods, Flamingo Vill)

    Date: 2012-07-08, 7:59PM EDT
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    ****LOST/MISSING MALE ST. BERNARD, "ZEUS" Black/White Face***Ran Scared from Fireworks on 7/4/12 toward woods at end off Sugar Dr.***

    These woods eventually go to Flamingo Village on 30a as well as over to Spotted Dolphin Rd and North Bishop Dr area. And then possibly over to Shore Bird Dr and Sunrise Circle***It is alos possible he took one of the trails East to Thompson Rd/Palmer Ln/Anchors Lake Dr N. He could be anywhere by now.

    ***PLEASE HELP with his SAFE Return to his family. Someone may have him so you may see them walking him or see him in a yard or house. Please CONTACT 850-619-8228
    if you see him and/or have any info that will lead to his safe return.

    On July 4th our 2 year old Saint Bernard got scared from the fireworks and ran off. We miss our handsome man dearly. He is 2 years old and was wearing a black harness.His name is Zeus and will come to "Dooder" as well. He was lost in the Pico' Ski school area off of Sugar Drive. If you have any idea of where he is please give me a call at 850-619-8228. Alt Contact: 850-797-0526

    We miss him dearly. Thank You!!!
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    Great job with the posting for Zues.

    We made an announcement at the Good news UMC yesterday about him being missing. An announcement will also be going in the church newsletter this week. It could help if more signs are posted -- lots of locals frequent 98 BBQ, Fat Daddy's, Steamboats, Chopstix, Don Pedros, the two Chevrons on 98, and Tom Thumb on 30A, also Topsail State Park, both entrances to Flamingo Village, and Kindness Pet Hospital would reach a lot of people. Best of luck!!!!

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    Thank you! Yes the owners are posting flyers everywhere and making more. We also plan to do a mass mail out of the flyer. You never know if someone may have him but they aren't motivated to pursue finding his owners, etc. We appreciate all the help we can get. He could just show up at any time as in my past experience, many times dogs will hide out in the woods for a few days and then finally come out. Of course these thunderstorms aren't helping. Thanks again!!!

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    ***UPDATE 7/13***STILL MISSING***We think someone has him and either hasn't seen the Flyers and Info or they may just want to keep him. Please watch for him as he could be on any street, at any house, someone could be walking him BUT remember it's not the owner. ***This family is devastated and need all the help they can get****

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    ***AS OF MONDAY 7/16/12***STILL MISSING***PLEASE KEEP A LOOK OUT***Thank you!!!

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    Urgent*Help**LOST/MISSING St. Bernard, SRB, SugarDr to 30A, Could be anywhere between

    Is this dog still missing?

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    ****UPDATE****UPDATE****STILL MISSING AS OF FRIDAY, JULY 20TH, 2012***Please keep L@@KING!!!!
    The family is devastated. We must keep getting the word out and keep looking. I have had several cases
    like this and the dog eventually does turn up.

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    Has anybody found Zeus, yet?
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    ***STILL MISSING***CHECKED all the shelters***Someone must have him and wants to keep him***
    Please keep spreading the word and on the look out for him.

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    Still Missing as of Tuesday 7/31/12. Thanks for checking in and please keep spreading the word.

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