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    I'm so happy they added the "Pavement Ends" sign....

    I'm just saying, I think the water, the garbage can, the palm trees and the yellow reflector signs covered that!
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    I agree! Too many signs!!!

    What you may not be able to see in the photo - on that giant unneeded sign from out guvment is all the names of the current county commishes - REALLY?! I mean come on. Whose idea is that. Gianty ego bastids.

    And under their names it says something about Prebble Rish Engineering - REALLY!? Do we need to advertise private firms on guvment unneeded signs????

    Tis a nice launch though.

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    You're right, it should say provided by the taxpayers of Walton County!

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    Why does that Big Brown (formerly BLUE) Sign have a nice Walton County Logo on it and not that squiggly mess of a logo (visit south walton) that replaced the Beaches of South Walton logo? Not complaining....I think it is a vast improvement over that squiggly blue script!!
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    It is a Walton County access I think. Although it may be maintained by TDC.

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    Is a sign fetish a documented medical condition? If so, I think our local government needs treatment for it. The meds have to be cheaper than all these signs.
    Basically, I'm just passing through on my way to Australia.

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