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    It's Wedding Time!

    Planning a 2012 Beach Wedding? The good dates are filling up fast! We offer affordable, stress-free Weddings at your location or any of the beautiful SoWal Puiblic Beaches.
    Call or wite today and reserve your date!!!

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    Heading to beautiful Eden Gardens tomorrow for the Wedding of Tracey & Neville under the Wedding Tree. Then back to Destin for June & Ian's BIG EVENT!!!!

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    Congratulations to our 1/21 Couples! We married Neville & Tracey at Eden Gardens and Ian & June in Destin. A PERFECT DAY for a Wedding!!!Name:  1-21nevilletracey.jpg
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Size:  149.2 KBName:  1-21ianjune.jpg
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    CONGRATS to Tony & April who we JUST MARRIED on the beach at Miramar!! Cloudy day but SUNSHINE in their hearts!!!Name:  1-24tonyapril.jpg
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    THANKS to Elizabeth & Tomas of KY. for planning their 9/29 Seacrest Beach Wedding with us today!

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    THANKS to Chandera & Jedidiah of OH. for planning their 2/18 Destin Beach Wedding with us today!

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    THANKS to Toby & Anthony of OH. for planning their 5/15 Eden Gardens Wedding with us today!

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    THANKS to Jennie & Daniel of AL. for planning their 3/15 Destin Beach Wedding with us today!

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    THANKS to Terri & Dennis of AL. for planning their 3/24 Seacrest Beach Wedding with us today!

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    I mean come on, seriously, are you going to burden SoWal with every single wedding you book? No offense, glad your doing well, but come on!

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    THANKS to Corie & Burke of LA. for planning their 4/21 Destin Beach Wedding with us today!

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    Yep. As well as pics of Weddings we perform.

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    THANKS to LeAnne & Donn of OH. for planning their 5/22 Destin Beach Wedding with us today. Also Erin & Aaron of IL. to be Wed on 7/12 in Miramar Beach!!

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    THANKS to Memree & Ben of TX. for planning their 6/20 Miramar Beach Wedding with us today!

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    THANKS to Katrina & Florentino of OK. for planning their 4/7 Destin Beach Wedding with us today!

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    THANKS to Robin & Will of TN. for planning their 5/23 Destin Beach Wedding with us today!

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    CONGRATS to Jed & Chandera who we married in the rain yesterday on Okaloosa Island!!
    Name:  2-18jedchandera.jpg
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    CONGRATS to Cory & Christa who we married in an intimate Ceremony yesterday on Okaloosa Island!!!
    Name:  2-21corychrista.jpg
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    THANKS to Michelle & Adam of CT. for planning their 4/20 Destin Beach Wedding with us today!

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    THANKS to Amanda & Lance of AR. for planning their 3/6 Santa Rosa Beach Wedding with us this morning!

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    Sunset Weddings: More than just a pretty picture!

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    New Post:
    What if it RAINS on my Wedding Day???

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    CONGRATS to Michael & Amanda of AR. who we married yesterday on the beautiful Beaches of S. Walton!!!
    Name:  3-6michaelamanda.jpg
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    Thinking you might want to get a Facebook Fan Page.
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    Something unique for your beach weddings, custom sand sculptures provides by Beachsandsculptures.comName:  BSSMcPhersonWedding.jpg
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    Rick @

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    CONGRATS to Randell & Glendolyn who we married yesterday at Beasley Park on beautiful Oklaoosa Island!
    Name:  3-10randellglendolyn.jpg
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    CONGRATS to Amy & Brandon who we married on Holiday Isle on March 16...beautiful beach home backyard!
    Name:  3-16brandonamy.jpg
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    CONGRATS to Jaymes & Alisha who we married last night on the beach at Okaloosa Island!!
    Name:  3-18jaymesalisha.jpg
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    CONGRATS to Dennis & Terri who we married last night at beautiful Inlet Beach!!
    Name:  3-24dennisterri.jpg
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    And also HUGS to Andrew & Kathryn who became Newlyweds this morning on Okaloosa Island!!!
    Name:  3-25andrewkathryn.jpg
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    CONGRATS to our last March Newlywed Couple Jesse & Robin who we married last evening on Okaloosa Island!
    Name:  3-31jesserobin.jpg
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    CONGRATS to Newlyweds John-Walter & Brooke who we JUST MARRIED at Beasley Park on Okaloosa Island!!
    Name:  4-3johnbrooke.jpg
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    CONGRATS to our Newliest Newlyweds Andrew & Diana who we married last night with a private Ceremony in their beautiful FWB home...and SKYPED into PERU!!!!Name:  4-5javierdiana.jpg
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    CONGRATS to Florentino & Katrina who we married last night with an intimate Sunset Ceremony at Beasley Park on Okaloosa Island!
    Name:  4-7florentinokatrina.jpg
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    CONGRATS to Jeremy & Kathy who we JUST MARRIED on the Beach at Beasley Park!
    Name:  4-12jeremykathy.jpg
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    Destiny in Destin! Congrats to Glenn & Joleen who found each other after many years apart..and we MARRIED them last night on the soft white sands of Destin!!!
    Name:  4-13glennjoleen.jpg
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    CONGRATS to Harley & Anna who we married last night on the Beach at Grayton Beach State Park!!!!
    Name:  4-14harleyanna.jpg
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    CONGRATS to Zachary & Cierra who we married last night at Henderson Beach State Park!!!
    Name:  4-16zacharycierra.jpg
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    CONGRATS to Michael & Sandra who we married last night on Miramar Beach under an awesome sunset!
    Name:  4-17michaelsandra.jpg
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    And GOOD LUCK to Brett & Briann who became Newlyweds this morning as the sun came out at Pelican Beach Resort!!!!
    Name:  4-18brettbriann.jpg
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    CONGRATS to Adam & Michelle who became NEWLYWEDS last night on the Beach at Beasley Park!!!
    Name:  4-20adammichelle.jpg
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    HAPPY WINDY WEDDING SUNDAY to Corie & Burke who we JUST MARRIED on the Beach at Hidden Dunes!!!
    Name:  4-22burkecorie.jpg
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    CONGRATS to Travis & Kat who we married this afternoon in an intimate Ceremony at the beautiful Eden Gardens State Park!!!
    Name:  4-26traviskat.jpg
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    GOOD LUCK to last night's NEWLYWEDS Jason & Ashley who we married on the Beach at Beasly Park!
    Name:  4-28jasonashley.jpg
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    CONGRATS to Cameron & Sarah who we just married on the windy Beaches of Miramar!!
    Name:  5-2cameronsarah.jpg
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    LOVE NEVER FAILS for Cheri & Tega who we united last night with an intimate Ceremony on the Beach at Sun Destin!
    Name:  5-3cheritega.jpg
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    A SUPERMOON WEDDING last night for Gary & Jennifer on Okaloosa Island!
    Name:  5-5garyjennifer.jpg
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    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to Tim & Myrna who celebrated last night with a Vow Renewal at The Breakers on Okaloosa Island!
    Name:  5-6timmyrna.jpg
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