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  1. It's Wedding Time!

    Planning a 2012 Beach Wedding? The good dates are filling up fast! We offer affordable, stress-free Weddings at your location or any of the beautiful SoWal Puiblic Beaches.
    Call or wite today and reserve your date!!!

  2. Heading to beautiful Eden Gardens tomorrow for the Wedding of Tracey & Neville under the Wedding Tree. Then back to Destin for June & Ian's BIG EVENT!!!!

  3. Congratulations to our 1/21 Couples! We married Neville & Tracey at Eden Gardens and Ian & June in Destin. A PERFECT DAY for a Wedding!!!Name:  1-21nevilletracey.jpg
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Size:  149.2 KBName:  1-21ianjune.jpg
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  4. CONGRATS to Tony & April who we JUST MARRIED on the beach at Miramar!! Cloudy day but SUNSHINE in their hearts!!!Name:  1-24tonyapril.jpg
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Size:  125.8 KB

  5. THANKS to Elizabeth & Tomas of KY. for planning their 9/29 Seacrest Beach Wedding with us today!

  6. THANKS to Chandera & Jedidiah of OH. for planning their 2/18 Destin Beach Wedding with us today!

  7. THANKS to Toby & Anthony of OH. for planning their 5/15 Eden Gardens Wedding with us today!

  8. THANKS to Jennie & Daniel of AL. for planning their 3/15 Destin Beach Wedding with us today!

  9. THANKS to Terri & Dennis of AL. for planning their 3/24 Seacrest Beach Wedding with us today!

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    I mean come on, seriously, are you going to burden SoWal with every single wedding you book? No offense, glad your doing well, but come on!

  11. THANKS to Corie & Burke of LA. for planning their 4/21 Destin Beach Wedding with us today!

  12. Yep. As well as pics of Weddings we perform.

  13. THANKS to LeAnne & Donn of OH. for planning their 5/22 Destin Beach Wedding with us today. Also Erin & Aaron of IL. to be Wed on 7/12 in Miramar Beach!!

  14. THANKS to Memree & Ben of TX. for planning their 6/20 Miramar Beach Wedding with us today!

  15. THANKS to Katrina & Florentino of OK. for planning their 4/7 Destin Beach Wedding with us today!

  16. THANKS to Robin & Will of TN. for planning their 5/23 Destin Beach Wedding with us today!

  17. CONGRATS to Jed & Chandera who we married in the rain yesterday on Okaloosa Island!!
    Name:  2-18jedchandera.jpg
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  18. CONGRATS to Cory & Christa who we married in an intimate Ceremony yesterday on Okaloosa Island!!!
    Name:  2-21corychrista.jpg
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  19. THANKS to Michelle & Adam of CT. for planning their 4/20 Destin Beach Wedding with us today!

  20. THANKS to Amanda & Lance of AR. for planning their 3/6 Santa Rosa Beach Wedding with us this morning!

  21. Sunset Weddings: More than just a pretty picture!

  22. New Post:
    What if it RAINS on my Wedding Day???

  23. CONGRATS to Michael & Amanda of AR. who we married yesterday on the beautiful Beaches of S. Walton!!!
    Name:  3-6michaelamanda.jpg
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    Thinking you might want to get a Facebook Fan Page.
    Last edited by Detail Diva; 03-08-2012 at 01:26 AM.

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    Something unique for your beach weddings, custom sand sculptures provides by Beachsandsculptures.comName:  BSSMcPhersonWedding.jpg
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    Rick @

  26. CONGRATS to Randell & Glendolyn who we married yesterday at Beasley Park on beautiful Oklaoosa Island!
    Name:  3-10randellglendolyn.jpg
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  27. CONGRATS to Amy & Brandon who we married on Holiday Isle on March 16...beautiful beach home backyard!
    Name:  3-16brandonamy.jpg
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  28. CONGRATS to Jaymes & Alisha who we married last night on the beach at Okaloosa Island!!
    Name:  3-18jaymesalisha.jpg
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  29. CONGRATS to Dennis & Terri who we married last night at beautiful Inlet Beach!!
    Name:  3-24dennisterri.jpg
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  30. And also HUGS to Andrew & Kathryn who became Newlyweds this morning on Okaloosa Island!!!
    Name:  3-25andrewkathryn.jpg
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  31. CONGRATS to our last March Newlywed Couple Jesse & Robin who we married last evening on Okaloosa Island!
    Name:  3-31jesserobin.jpg
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Size:  149.0 KB

  32. CONGRATS to Newlyweds John-Walter & Brooke who we JUST MARRIED at Beasley Park on Okaloosa Island!!
    Name:  4-3johnbrooke.jpg
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  33. CONGRATS to our Newliest Newlyweds Andrew & Diana who we married last night with a private Ceremony in their beautiful FWB home...and SKYPED into PERU!!!!Name:  4-5javierdiana.jpg
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  34. CONGRATS to Florentino & Katrina who we married last night with an intimate Sunset Ceremony at Beasley Park on Okaloosa Island!
    Name:  4-7florentinokatrina.jpg
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  35. CONGRATS to Jeremy & Kathy who we JUST MARRIED on the Beach at Beasley Park!
    Name:  4-12jeremykathy.jpg
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  36. Destiny in Destin! Congrats to Glenn & Joleen who found each other after many years apart..and we MARRIED them last night on the soft white sands of Destin!!!
    Name:  4-13glennjoleen.jpg
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Size:  163.9 KB

  37. CONGRATS to Harley & Anna who we married last night on the Beach at Grayton Beach State Park!!!!
    Name:  4-14harleyanna.jpg
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  38. CONGRATS to Zachary & Cierra who we married last night at Henderson Beach State Park!!!
    Name:  4-16zacharycierra.jpg
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Size:  188.5 KB

  39. CONGRATS to Michael & Sandra who we married last night on Miramar Beach under an awesome sunset!
    Name:  4-17michaelsandra.jpg
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Size:  173.1 KB

  40. And GOOD LUCK to Brett & Briann who became Newlyweds this morning as the sun came out at Pelican Beach Resort!!!!
    Name:  4-18brettbriann.jpg
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Size:  191.8 KB

  41. CONGRATS to Adam & Michelle who became NEWLYWEDS last night on the Beach at Beasley Park!!!
    Name:  4-20adammichelle.jpg
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Size:  134.9 KB

  42. HAPPY WINDY WEDDING SUNDAY to Corie & Burke who we JUST MARRIED on the Beach at Hidden Dunes!!!
    Name:  4-22burkecorie.jpg
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  44. CONGRATS to Travis & Kat who we married this afternoon in an intimate Ceremony at the beautiful Eden Gardens State Park!!!
    Name:  4-26traviskat.jpg
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Size:  126.1 KB

  45. GOOD LUCK to last night's NEWLYWEDS Jason & Ashley who we married on the Beach at Beasly Park!
    Name:  4-28jasonashley.jpg
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Size:  131.4 KB

  46. CONGRATS to Cameron & Sarah who we just married on the windy Beaches of Miramar!!
    Name:  5-2cameronsarah.jpg
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  47. LOVE NEVER FAILS for Cheri & Tega who we united last night with an intimate Ceremony on the Beach at Sun Destin!
    Name:  5-3cheritega.jpg
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  48. A SUPERMOON WEDDING last night for Gary & Jennifer on Okaloosa Island!
    Name:  5-5garyjennifer.jpg
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  49. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to Tim & Myrna who celebrated last night with a Vow Renewal at The Breakers on Okaloosa Island!
    Name:  5-6timmyrna.jpg
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