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    WaterSound Cottage for Sale

    Hi everyone! We have decided to put our home on the market. There is a transferrable non-recallable WaterSound Beach Club membership available as well.

    Pictures and info at

    Thanks for looking and passing along to anyone you think may be interested.

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    We have dropped the price of our home to $399,000.
    As always thank you for taking a peak and passing along to anyone who may be interested.

    MLS#: 563478

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    Are you interested in a long term rental?

    Just wanted to see if you were possibly interested in a long term rental of your home.

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    Sorry not at this time.

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    Updated Photos

    Fianally got some professional pics taken by of our home for sale
    Thanks Kurt!

    Name:  Master Bath.jpg
Views: 371
Size:  54.6 KBName:  Dining Room.jpg
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Size:  79.0 KBName:  Bunk Room.jpg
Views: 321
Size:  68.3 KBName:  Guest Room.jpg
Views: 324
Size:  111.8 KBName:  Kitchen from Family Room.jpg
Views: 344
Size:  82.8 KBName:  Living Room.jpg
Views: 306
Size:  85.7 KBName:  Family Room 1.jpg
Views: 318
Size:  75.4 KBName:  Master Room.jpg
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    Sweet place! And thank you. It was nice to see some kids playing nearby.
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    Would you be interested in leasing with option to buy?
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    No but thank you for inquiry.

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    I have admired your home for months, it is beautiful and looks to be very well taken care of! Due to relocating from Georgia, my only option would be to rent or owner financing. If this becomes an option for you, please keep me in mind. My relocating date is anytime after May 18th, 2012 ( my oldest child 6yo is out of school for the summer) I will be back and forth until then as I am currently working at Bay Medical Hospital on different shift days. Thank you!

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    Thanks Sarahbean - my husband and I are finatics about our homes. We use the home almost every weekend so unless it sells we dont want to lose the option of using it. Rental pricing in that area unfortunatly doesnt make it worth the hassel at this time. Having to pay the shortfall and then not being able to use it isnt appealing to us right now. Thanks for compliment - we love our home as well!

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    Still Available?

    Is the home still available?

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